Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ain't it just like the night to play tricks when you're trying to be so quiet!

Me and Tim both dreamt that we were in malls and walking on precarious staircases! I was going up to the seventh floor and having vertigo. Tim was going down and his stairs were turning into dirt. Moral of the story: listen to "As We Go Up We Go Down" and see the truth yeah is just a lie. Also here is an image from a Thomas Hirschhorn show that's in Mexico City. I can't tell if the cars are customized with cardboard etc., or if they're actually made out of cardboard. Either way I like them.

Whoa synchronicity


This is the last one I swear, but I just noticed that the posted times are eleven minutes off, according to my computer. I wonder which one is more accurate? OK good night myself, I'm going to read some "Native North America"!

It's funny...

I got the idea to do this from listening to a debate on NPR between the guy who started Wikipedia and some old angry dude with an English accent. I felt compelled by both their arguments but they mentioned "web 2.0" which apparently is what happened when the internet got all interactive and like youtube & flickred out. I think it is super creepy but I hope this works better than writing things down. I have always been so bad at that! Sorry Slingshot, we had a good three year thing going, I will try to keep using you but perhaps more obviously as an "organizer". The other thing I neglected to mention about today was that I spent a lot of time trying on different clothes in preparation for tomorrow, the last day of class & my power point presentation. Thinking out loud this way is quite odd but I think I got practice from the thesis. Remember my voice is "unemcumbered" and "non-hierarchical"!!!!

Oh yeah!

Oh yeah, it's my new diary! I wanted to say, I stubbed my baby toe and now it is black.  It looks like there is black nail polish on one toe only, but really I think it's black blood under my toenail! Gross!  Also, I'm reading "The Basil and Josephine Stories" by F. Scott Fitzgerald and they are surprisingly boring.  I finished my last-homework-assignment-forever today and I went to my second-to-last-class-ever.  I am still working on the brain party flag but I can't get psyched about it.  I  found a video of "blood music" the singer and I really liked it.  Maybe it's because of my bloody toe.  My roommate was wearing a cardigan that was blue on the top and then faded to black at the bottom, I asked her where she got it and she said The Gap.  The dream I remembered waking up this morning was being very squeamish about watching some video footage of a girl being stabbed in a room with other people. I mean I was in a room with other people and the tv. This is disturbing somehow, why is my dream so mediated? 

These are some of the pinatas I'm going to make!