Tuesday, December 30, 2008

note to self

pomegranite = delicious
pomegranate flavored anything = disgusting
found so far in frozen yogurt, hanson's soda
distinctly robo!
also, which spelling?

Monday, December 29, 2008

"giant spiderweb persists"

cool neon how I forsook you!
ambitious booklist ha ha ha. I just finished the twilight series.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

best ebay listing title ever:

only $399


Listening to Fresh Air: hermaphrodite dog . ? !



08 so over you!

Highlights from xmas vacation Alexandria: quality ladies time, delicious dinners involving bread puddings, boss salads, asparagus, cheese, cakes & tarts galore etc etc., playing with the 2 year old, more gifts than I think I've ever got, ever, native american museum revisit, and I know I've forgotten lots more. On the down side, I don't think I'm cut out for five hour bus rides. 

Today I took a long walk by myself - much needed I think. There was a special cat adoption van parked on Bedford FULL OF CATS THAT NEED HOMES!!! Then later I got a Vietnamese sandwich and there was a shiba inu waiting outside WHY ARE PETS SO TEMPTING!!!!  I'm psyched for a new year and I'm ready for it. Cassandra told me I was more "negative" than I'd ever been and while I was not really so happy to hear that it struck a weird note. I am going to try going with the heart over the brain but we'll see how that works out. Also, I am not getting all affirmations. I just will try to be happy and not freaked out. Taking acid helps with that too.

Monday, December 22, 2008

"a polar bear disaster" - david attenborough

Global warning sucks for them especially! boo.
I've been watching planet earth nonstop today. The one about icy places had so many white adorbs animals: polar bear cubs, arctic foxes, white hares, fat little birds.
The one about caves was pretty good too. Still, planet earth is more cheesy than life of mammals, blue planet, and has worse music. Also, where did D.A. go? I want to see him riding in on a ridiculous sleigh. 
oooooooh foxes
Also: we had a holiday potluck and it was really fun. Then we went dancing at Harvey and it was fun too. We had just a tiiiny bit of the fun stuff but it was enough. Also there were two snow storms. But I haven't fallen down yet. Also 

just added: I just basically watched a polar bear die. It was super tragic and weepy. God humanity sucks so!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

OMG football cliffhanger!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

They were out of cookie cutter people at the fancy cooking store so I'm going to make comme des garcons PLAY hearts instead. Also, on the news: A supermarket bakery refused to personalize a cake for a child named Adolf Hitler Campbell. The parents eventually got their cake from Wal-Mart.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I was watching Jeopardy and one of the answers was "Ernest Shackelton" which reminded me that when we played Dead Celebrity Soulmate a long time ago he was one of Liz's match ups.I don't remember who all mine were but I think Pancho Villa, and when I pretended to be a lesbian, Frida Kahlo.

officially official

It snowed for the first time this winter. Big fat snowflakes the kind that are sticky. They really change how you perceive space, I know that sounds pretentious but it's true.
I'm going to be a "costume assistant" for a kid's musical and we are going to make dog costumes: a llasa apso, a terrier, a poodle, and I forget the kind that has lots of folds like velour and they're Chinese.
PS. I took an IQ test. 142!!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The deli around the corner from our apartment, which is run by Indian people, has opened a pizza parlor in the back, run by Mexicans, called "L.A. Restaurant".

Thursday, December 11, 2008

world of the east

The coolest girl last night was wearing a sequiny sparkly black top with red overalls, tucked into black boots. She looked like a party santa. 
I want to make eggless egg salad sandwiches for lunch.
We are looking for witches, or witchy minded people, to join us for winter solstice ritual celebrations - can we please harness this major dark energy already into something productive?
oh PS I've become really interested in interesting smells. Is that lame?

Monday, December 8, 2008

So I got balloons from the Children's Museum to give to Liz for her birthday dinner but on my way to Angelica Kitchen there was an extreme gust of wind that BEHEADED the balloons so I was left with strings in my hands and also really cold. The servers at Angelica were pretty mean.
But the food was super good! 
And: We wanted to get some whiskey so we went to the Black Rabbit, but it was bingo night and we had to leave pretty soon before the dork fumes wafted off to us. Bingo markers are really fun though if you want to get all Yayoi Kusama.
Also: we watched Earth Girls Are Easy. It manages to be violently visually stimulating while also kind of boring. Pogo balls!
Then: me and Liz went on SECOND LIFE WITH HER NEW AVATAR!!!!!!!!!!!! It was really really boring but kinda funny and pervy, the only things we managed to do was lose our hair and feet, and semi stalk an avatar named "Sheila Mahagonay".  Liz is named "Sheena Miami." Single White Female! There's a really creepy option in the drop down menu: "take off clothes". 
Sheena is such a sad bald tale.
Also: I still haven't seen the legendary Greenpoint chowmoyed. This makes me so sad.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


, like the Kate Bush song. 
1. I have lots of hangnails from working at the letterpress.
God, working really puts a damper on like having a life.
2. HANGING A SWORD is really truly a vision, really truly.
And Tim just found the old old zine for holiday house: 
"nothing will ever conquer the raw power of rebellious youth"!!!
so deep.
3. possibly to do over xmas: natural history, american indian, hirschhorn just kidding banned for life, pedicure where little fishes eat your skin
4. possibly to do tonight: law and order
masks + mirrors + obvs studied with the K.B. School of Movment (AKA MIMERY)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

savants r us

I am working on the special guest-edited issue of the Tim N Liz. Greenpoint xerox machines are frustrating.. but it's gonna be awesome. Also, I'd like to officially ask the universe for the possibly-life-changing Isabel Marant dress, now on "sale" ($600 from $800). We re-arranged our living room and hopefully it will change my brain. Liz saw this tv bit about a 13 year old musical savant and thinks it's Darby Crash reincarnated. Thank You Life.

Friday, November 28, 2008

thanks over

No Parents Allowed!
the good: shopping, toddler, pumpkin pie, green beans
the bad: discomfort, repressive conversation
the ugly: violations of privacy

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm Just Not That Into You: white girl bands who have dank long hair, are into mysticism/"native" shit, & can't really play their instruments. 
Also: birthday cake is overrated.
And: the best gifts are the ones made of paper.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The NY Times says happy people don't spend a lot of time watching television.

Why are so many bats dying?

celeb sighting

So (maybe) Morgan Freeman was at the Klaus opening last night! 
Also, Cassandra used to be Gina Gershon's personal assistant!
Also, we met Peter's Icelandic Fake Peter!
w w e e i i r r d d   w w i i d d e e   w w o o r r l l d d 
("there's something wrong with the world today... I don't know what it is")

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tim claims that eating pizza makes you thirsty for the rest of the day

I'm such a Melanie Griffith Working Girl, I have two jobs now all of a sudden. The best parts are: decent pay, Bucket the pittbull, quick bike commute. The worst parts are: working.
Today is Hal's birthday but he didn't want to celebrate. I don't understand people like that. Remember! 30 is the new 10.
I missed the first day of Jeopardy Teen Tournament Final Championship Two-Day Special. I will not be able to watch tomorrow either, I am so bummed. I've been watching the entire week!
Oh well J K Livin.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh also here is the weekend update:

I think I will just stop going out in general, it's so much work and so little payoff. My new thing is to go to other people's places, which I neeever used to do, so lazy, to see what other people have living-wise, compared to me. I went to 3 different apts and they confirmed solidly that Bushwick is for people who want to pay way too much for way too little. Except for Ryan & David, obviously. Also on the agenda: Jasiu's Kubricked out art show (private/voyeuristic/boring), New Humans (crowded/pretentious/chatty), Chinatown divey almost rave thing (I'm SO OVER IT! seriously these types of things are NOT WORTH IT EVER), Bed-Stuy loft party (we stayed for five minutes, literally). The funnest part of going out is hanging out with your friends, the ones you already know.

The latest gossip from Frankfurt:

Some artist that is Cosima von Bonin's favorite is on the cover of Texte zur Kunst or whatever however you spell it. He doesn't look that attractive (he's got red hair) but apparently his art is all about like being a former male model. Also supposedly the photo of CVB in "Woman Artists" is super fakey style because just because, it was asked around and stuff.

Seriously that five year diary thing is quite clever but the entries are so little I feel like my sentences can't fit. Stop waffling this is so much easier all around and less carpal tunnel.

I never really tried thrift store shopping in NYC

but it's actually quite fulfilling. You just have to quit thinking about large, sprawling, Savers/Thrift Town/Unique style stores. I did a Gramercy/Chelsea run and it was good: woolly huge shawl thing to go over my winter coat, fox fur, ski hood, sequined old lady style "fancy dress", pinstripe cotton oversize tote that I think is the exact same one Liz uses on her weekend trips, a paperback copy of Aunt Julia & the Scriptwriter.  To round out my shopping spree: Ritter sport, $1 basil (for Thai eggplant), and a large grapefruit. Oh yeah and a Thanksgiving appropriate dress kind of on the more than affordable side. Oh and they had Martin Margiela at Housing Works.

Monday, November 10, 2008


I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


God I'm such a quitter.

Not only am I such a quitter, but each pathetically spread-out post that I write is just me revelling in the guilt of how I don't post enough. So I am going to stop doing that.
So anyways, it's November and Halloween was spent in spooky PA with strange blue lights in the night sky, haunted hay ride with "special" people, an eleventh hour veggie oil party bus, fires, witch snowman (freak snowstorm! in late October!) etc. Whut else...........oh yeah, we were in GERMANY for like ever.  I am trying to make "drawings" in my studio, thank god I didn't find a subletter, and I am trying to find some more stable work, and oh yeah there's gonna be a black man in the white house.  Hooray for radical shifts. Even though everything feels so uncertain, like carpets keep being pulled from under us, like over and over again, at least it is dramatic. Yeah.
So I feel like I can't go home for Christmas because plane tickets are too expensive. I am thinking about how to make a cloak, or how to get my clock from LA, and how to get a real job, and how I just got accepted to this residency in a small town in East Germany in a flower shop or something, and it's next winter...  I don't know if I can do it!

Monday, September 29, 2008

OK: retroactive euro 08 diary

mon 9/29: we biked to the artstore to buy some more paints, and ate really good falafel. no more gummies please!
sun 9/28: painted, went on first hamburg bike ride (to eat vegan sausage and fries, yuck), hung out with randoms at the theater including a partner-look irish/berliner lesbian couple, one of whom saw ufo lights in the sky, and danced to "DEITER", madonna's male dopellganger. also there were old timey looking robots playing jazz music that looked like a cubist painting come to animation.
sat 9/27: fleamarket: / "openhouse" / chicks on speed at the kampnagel entertainment multiplex which we missed their performance but apparently it was blah, but there was a pseudo-zee white "rapper" from brooklyn ? who was amazingly spectacular, meaning awful! we also walked through the reeperbahn which was like eurotrash times a gazillion, i kept thinking people were going to projectile vomit onto me. 
fri 9/26: ?
thurs 9/25: ?
wed 9/24: ?
tues 9/23: ? ikea?
mon 9/22: this was the morning we arrived in hamburg. we slept in the morning and then walked around the city.. ?
sun 9/21: this was the day we left, margaret gave us a ride to the airport.



Thursday, September 18, 2008

dancing update for nyc

Harvey at Love 2x: 1st was on acid and took me awhile to get used to, but I danced a lot, even though I wasn't that into the music. 2nd time I thought it would be better because sober and no "end up club" weird acid vibes, but was actually kind of boring. 

Santos 2x: 1st time OK, 2nd time really fun. I like that there are two floors. I will go back but probs not on weekends due to douchy crowds.



Lots of things have been happening, mostly I had my art show opening last Friday. It was so fun, THANK YOU LIFE ("affirmation"). Then we went to the lake house for a few days with LLIIZZ, and we are preparing for our German month. Yeah this summer was indeed endless and jam packed with good times.

Here is the postcard for my show at Klaus (images stolen from all over the internet and myself):


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Friday, August 1, 2008


Today's Agenda:

1. spy on the little neon man sign (check!)
2. fern hunting (check!)
3. watercolors (check!)
4. county fair?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

still laking

We just planted some lavendar and lilys. Yesterday was "ladies ladies ladies", scooping the teen scene in Scranton (finally!) etc. We did mushrooms and it made me so insanely giggly. I am never doing mushrooms again because of the incredible nauseous feeling, we walked around the lake and every step was like an almost-puke. But it was worth it because of the neon little man sign that I was fascinated with. ww hh aa tt ee ll ss ee. Reading Hate, working on the NADA catalog thing, figure drawing class, I'm not deaf anymore.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

the latest, the greatest

So, I moved to New York, went to a lesbian variety show, had a breakthrough dancing at Harvey, hung out with old time friends, spent a week at the lake house, etc, etc.  It's too nice here to even begin mentioning.  Swimming, hammocking, cat petting, cards playing, jamming, talking, reading,  sleeping, feasting.  Thanks for sharing, vacation peeps!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

wild world

My mom and I were gardening when we found a tiny beautiful green frog sitting in my newly replanted sedum. I think it was drawn to the succulent because they were practically the same color. Finding the frog was like finding a precious precious jewel, but if the jewel was an animal. We watched it make its journey back home to the bamboo plant next to the watering hose. Later after it got dark I noticed a line of small white mushrooms in the grass. Both of these things turned the backyard into a magical mystery tour.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I am doing online traffic school right now, pretending to be my mother. Today my uncle who's a dentist cleaned my teeth and then we had sushi for lunch. I had this thing called a "sushi burrito" that was wrapped in lettuce, it was so amazing! Also green tea cheesecake. I fertilized the backyard and my life is so pedestrian right now.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Today I dropped my wallet in a parking lot and the person who returned it to the store stole $200 out of it. I never carry around lots of cash but my aunt came over on July 4th and gave it to me as a graduation present. I was so angry with rage and upset and crying at the same time. I know it's my fault but I've really cursed that person so I'm confident that really bad things will happen to them. I would never take $200 out of a wallet, maybe $20. Anyways I just got back from a private yoga session (!!) with Audra and the most awesomest part was we did this pose I've never done before where you walk on a wall. RIGHT??!!! Basically you do a down dog with the backs of your feet almost against a wall. Then you start walking backwards up the wall until your body is in a L-shape. 

Sunday, July 6, 2008

when you speak, your mind is on parade
Dolphins sleep eight hours a day, just like us.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Digipic vomit

lots of things and no things have been happening

Today I made my mom cry and I don't know why, which made me cry, so it pretty much sucked. But I've been having fun in LA, yesterday we went to the beach and it was kind of criminally nice. The water felt like a bathtub and we stayed in the water jumping over waves for hours. Then Joya made us a fancy feast dinner (not for cats!) and it was all Audra's UCLA friends. On Wednesday it was Audra's birthday and we went to a Mexican potluck, that was also super talky and nice, but very easygoing. Tuesday was moving day. Since the night before my mom broke my giant awesome mirror, I thought it was a bad omen that moving was going to be so difficult. But I was wrong! It was so smooth and way less stressful than I had originally thought. My mother was in charge of figuring out where to put all the stuff in the back of the UHaul and it was really genius, like Tetris. Driving the truck was kind of scary but then not really. Yes all in all for having so much stuff (it was quite shocking), it was smooth smooth sailing. The night I got home there was crazy family drama which pretty much sucked. Being at home is always so dramatic and like emotional in a bad way.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yesterday we ate Vietnamese food, accidently joined the lesbian march for one block, haircutted (I did the cutting, Dave did the sitting), played some cards (I intensely dislike competitive alpha type players), and watched the X Files movie which was basically like an episode of C2C. The best part was the gratuitous UFO scene at the end. Today I packed, took a nap, packed some more, went to Sarah & Victor's BBQ, packed, still packing. I have four large boxes of plants, is that too excessive?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

digipic vomit

I just sold my bike...

...and I feel this gaping hole of loss. Right after they took it away I had a momentary panic attack. But now I realize that I may have a slight attachment problem and that there a lot of great bikes out in the world. Oh Peugeot I loved you so!

Anyways here are some long overdue pictures of the pinata attack.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Furniture is such a drag.

Weekly recap:

Monday: I don't remember what I did whatsoever. Oh yeah, I worked on those accursed puppet costumes while listening to Radio Lab, which I've gotten heavily into since finishing the last of the old C2C MP3s.  Perhaps I should subscribe again. 

Tuesday: I worked in Oakland for Larry. I did finishing work on costumes, made a wig of hair for the witch puppet out of lavendar yarn, painted and covered in fur the head of an animatronic cat, etc. Oh yeah, I must have made vegan enchiladas on Monday because I remember coming home after work and being so tired I just started eating out of the giant casserole dish.

Wednesday: I had fun day plans with Stewart & Ryan that involved thrift stores and reverse bleach tie dye but they were foiled when Kelli woke me up with an 8am call for a last-minute stylist's assistant job at PBK. It was on location, for a Christmas shoot, and slightly stressful as they always are. Some things I did: gift wrapped tiny little fake boxes (cut from pieces of cardboard) to put in a felt tree shaped advent calendar, covered candles in red paper, painted some paper mache deer, glittering (the most awful part, it got EVERYWHERE). Then me and Aurora took the BART to the (OMG cringe) "Huffin House" where Dimples the band was playing. There were lots of peeps there and it was fun but it kind of felt like  a stage set for a movie about an impressionable young art school freshman at a "wild" "warehouse" "party" "show". Then I slept over at Ryans, oh, we watched Zardoz a bit first.

Thursday: I woke up late but still very tired and gave Stewart a hair wrap. We got big salads in Berkeley and walked around and purchased a lot of sci fi novels from a man on the street. We picked the best covers which included a dragon coming out of a cosmic egg & a robotic dolphin.
We went to the Asian mall which was SO disappointing, because we wanted those Korean fish ice cream things but everything was Chinese. Then we went to this other part of Berkeley to get frozen yogurt. The best part was that they had fake pink berry flavor. We "strolled" and stole succulents. Then we came back to SF and went to Jack's for karaoke. I sang:
Bohemian Rhapsody with Travis
Crazy in Love with Dave
It was so super fun! sexy crazy party! I danced a lot and drank two Salty Dogs which is a LOT for me. Afterwards we went to Mike's and played Ratscrew with some seriously secret alpha-type aggro competitive types, which took all the fun out of it. We also played Police Sketch Artist. The criminals were:
Kobe Bryant
Matthew Mc Conoghay
Rosie O Donnell
I went to bed past 3am (Ryan and Stewart kept talking, those irritants) and woke up again at 8 to move the car and I JUST COULD NOT GET TO SLEEP AGAIN so I got up, meanwhile Stewart is snoozing away in my bed. !!!!!!!!
Do people really just get away with little amounts of sleep, day after day? It really affects me, I mean it's given me headaches two days in a row.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

C2C Sepember 17, 2007 recap

a man died of exhaustion after playing internet games for three days,
jacques valle,
witches coming out of cloud ships = medieval alien encounter,
octopi or dolphins could have easily become the most dominant/intelligent species on earth,
remote viewing artificial structures on the moon,


Also, today I worked on witch puppet costume and made a fancy sandwich with two kinds of fake meat.