Tuesday, May 26, 2009

but this one is so much cooler:


new cats on the block:
- 99 cent store cat
- the fruit stand on the opposite side of the street 99.9% sure owned by the same guy that owns the fruit stand on my side of the street cat

edited to add: I just looked in our kitchen cabinet and counted five types of vinegar.
white, balsamic, sherry, rice wine, & red wine
la vida loca

edited to add: poor little mars rover!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

I think I am semi addicted to the making of this patterns book...
now that I am (after several months of trekking up to Columbia which fyi is THREE TRANSFERS!!! totally out of my personal boundaries!!!) finished with it, I keep finding more pages to add to it.
Also, my new trick of feeling un self conscious in borderline crazy clothing, pretend that somebody is asking where you got it and reply, "H&M".

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I almost got hit by a car riding my bike TWICE IN A ROW!!!
thank you life

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The world is such a big place it makes my feet hurt

A few days ago I was walking down the street and in a split second I:
1. saw a book at a stoop sale called "Microwave Cooking For One"
2. saw a woman with a parrot on her shoulder whose eyes looked like, NO JOKE, GIANT PLASTIC GOOGLY EYES.
how depressing
Yesterday at work there were refried beans, flan, a mariachi band, margaritas, and fake pinata making (that part was my share). Stereotype much?
Today I had a super mega shopping spree. This is what I bought: two dresses (one with stripes the other with palm trees and "hawaii"), a small white woven leather purse, a turquoise box fan, (all from the flea market), hot pink masking tape, some brushes, confetti, and brown paper pad (from a stoop sale), a hairbrush (from target), and that's it. Tim made some mural on some wall in some party space in Gowannus and we had pizza with Peter that seemed to have sand all on the bottom of it. Then we went to a going away potluck with the other Peter and had pizza again. Then we went by this other place to pick up this other stuff and see some other people and the long and short of it is that Tim has banned Bushwick, like, forevs. 
PS I forgot that last night I dreamt that I was Spiderman, somehow.
PPS why can't everyone just be COOL, CUTE, and NICE

Thursday, May 14, 2009

oh jeez way to go, what happened? Ummmm oh yeah I rode my bike to the new museum to see the youthful show or whatever, met up with out of towners, and oh there was one kind of interesting video of a laser light show on a housing project that then gets demolitioned (?  demolished?) but really I just liked a banana peel on the floor. Actually the new museum is consistently so disappointing, what is wrong with them. Then let's see, there was some on-the-jobbing, Harvey in love, which I really enjoyed because I feel like I can do semi ridiculous experimental/contemporary dance type moves and the floor is so dark and people are so glaubing their ding that it's ok. Also stealing other people's moves is really fun. My favorite dancers were this very classic-ly twink-y boy that kind of moved like a prancing poodle, and a girl who looked like Kennedy from MTV with red lipstick and a hawaiian shirt. 
Then Liz and I got brekkers, sat in the park with Tim and his Maggie O Connell look a like, then we drove down to Baltimore with other Liz and her boyfriend. Yay road trip! We sat in Liz's kitchen in her anarchist?-house and ate dinner and then since I almost never smoke, got hecka stoned and became obsessed with making her roommate's chihuahua make a painting. We watched cats making paintings on youtube which were bad fakes, but also cats playing the piano which were really really great. Then I made a paper beret and scotch taped it to the chihuahua's head and we dipped his paws in worcestershire sauce and made him make a painting. He was such a good sport (yay chupa chups!) but it was pretty ugly.
The next day we went on a nature walk (with french artiste!) and Liz and I aimlessly drove around Baltimore looking at medieval towers, bizarre street names (Horseradish Lane! for reals!), faded murals, etc. There were so many little neighborhoods aka ethnic enclaves, I likey. Baltimore is neat! despite its propensity for chicken bones on the sidewalk. 
Back in NY I had to hang out with Tim's weird cousin's weird girlfriend's weird child. Just kidding the child was the most well adjusted and easy to relate to. And even he was like covered in dirt and snot and ice cream and stuff.
note to self: you can get a styrofoam cooler at key food for the human blood thing.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


weekend update: backwards in time, today think supermarket sweep meets junk store, for work, and then printing. i think i made a bad color decision. today's haul: some cones of sparkly thread, beaded epaulets ? amulets ? five jars of ink and a big container of extender base. tim really went for the gold and swiped a few large screens. i saw some art i liked which looked like medieval times made out of window screens and a few jingle bells. ghosts? 
jen came over for slumber party, part two. we went dancing a bit at the mfa afterparty. i counted at least two girls with the same hairdo as me. i decided to start telling people that i'm a "decorator". i made mexican flag banners out of leftover chinese new years. symmetries of culture?
also i went to the bar, because of T&G twice in two days, and i was kind of tired all weekend long. oh cause i worked both days too. also we had some special visitors, aka parents, aka what's up with the pictures generation at the metropolitan? plus wait weren't there other special visitors to contend with just like two seconds ago? hey hey my my i can't get a rest.
oh yeah, i binged out on npr last night while trimming paper - one page at a time - so here is a recap: sexcapade/child abuse on an isolated island populated by the inbred (one assumes) descendents of some mutinous sailors, teenage thrill kills incited by hororr comics, & mike tyson crying - it was all very dramatic. gosh and i just can't get enough of that kurt anderson. even though the jeremy deller interview (remember i thought about applying to be his road manager) was boring. there is boring and it was boring. also the pre road trip exhibition at the new museum was boring too. WHAT GIVES, FOLK ARCHIVE?

i'm so excited for my new shoes!
i wish stewart saw the face transplant. 

PS oops international worker's day? racial profiling at cma?

Friday, May 1, 2009

biggest OMG ever: Claire Danes to play the movie Temple Grandin? 

original friendster interest: bioluminescence