Friday, January 30, 2009

laughing light of plenty laughing cow cheese

I just pulled a card from the secret dakini, for the first time in ages, and it was THE WAY THROUGH, key unlocking the universe, etc etc. But get this! Last night we went to Lindstrom and it was really like the sound equivalent of that! That where you go I go is such a journey. It was very up lifting. He was dancing like a muppet, it was beyond charming. 
Here are some other things that are really jazzy right now: 
foods: Ukrainian style borscht, brussel sprouts every day, Utz potato chips
entertainments: wacky/wack NYC art events with free fancy drinks like the chrome ping pong table thing at "private club" on Gramercy square, the world in words podcast, making patterns and a VISION BOARD
books: oliver sacks (still), murder mysteries, "the dud avocado" (it's so so good!) 
Also, I'm going to be an "associate costume designer"!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"free lance zipper designer"

Last night at Winnie's for Margaret's birthday: California Dreaming (only cause I'm going in like three days), Don't Stop Believing (whoa they rhyme kind of!)
Also, here's my Jeff McBride recap:
magic bubbles, fans galore, a highly perjorative "Japanese" number involving the assistant in a geisha costume (!?), rap (!!??) about Indian sticks, Jeff McBride didn't take off his mask for fifteen years while traveling the world (!!!???), psychic stuff - Spiderman (my fave!), the weird slow motion and then back again fireworks effect, cards flying everywhere, golden bowls magically filling with water, and sleight of hand up the upping the ante.
All in all, an amazing and culturally nourishing experience.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Sunday, January 25, 2009


I forgot this funny thing that happened in Ithaca

This volunteer at the theater was really nice and chatty, and when she found out we were from the city she said, I'm going there next week! I'm going to Lisa Loeb's wedding!

mantras for a wintry walk

Saturday, January 24, 2009


ps alternate ithaca donna re: the moth would probably be kind of hating it, but loving it at the same time

terrible towel
infamous gifts

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

slap you silly

I was walking past "Wizard Electronics" and so surprised to see that there is a little mermaid, part two, featuring Ariel's daughter who has short black hair and looks, um hecka dycky! In other children's movie news, last night Sasha and Melia (sp?) had a movie marathon involving "Bolt" and "High School Musical part whatever". Isn't that so disappointing for some reason?
Also: I've been hearing a lot of singing outside my window lately. I like it.
Also: I've become really mesmerized by the last futurist exhibition.
Also: someone asked me at the library today if I was a guitar player.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

wax museum

Today we went to the opening for the "apartment show" Tim is in. There were so many -------; or as I remember reading a long time ago, young well dressed people I don't know.
Yesterday night was the extra special T&G SUPERSESSIONS at Daddys. I ate a grapefruit, drank a realllly large glass of ginger beer, and inadvertantly screamed my way to a lost voice for two hours. Then I kind of freaked out and had to power walk home in the freezer. Tim didn't get home until after four which was annoying. But he bought me dinner so whatever. Yummy dumplings!
I heard this new yorker podcast about online scrabble so I had to do "research". I used to hate scrabble, I mean really hate it, but right now I'm on my second game online. It's kind of creepy that I don't know if I'm playing against a real person, or virtual real person whatever, or a computer.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

PS "A Royal Flush" was the name of port a potty delivery company.
PPS Today was "Tim Appreciation Day" for getting us out of another day of PA hell: driving a giant truck all over Manhattan/Queens/NJ doing returns.
PPPS HAIRY NOSE HAIR DOCTOR is my new dance music something.

turquoise hexagon sun

Yesterday Tim and I had the most extreme day ever: A FIFTEEN HOUR WORKDAY, OUTSIDE, on the WATER, in THE DEAD OF WINTER. DOING HEAVY MANUAL LABOR.  
So my friend Nina was like, I need two PAs for a music video shoot I'm doing. It will be fun, you guys just have to like deal with food and set up tents and stuff. So I'm like, OK. It will be like social anthropology. It'll be fun!
Let ME tell YOU: being a "production assistant" is NOTHING like being a stylist assistant/artist assistant. A "production assistant" is retarded "industry" jargon for SLAVE. It fucking sucked. Not to put too fine a point on it.
We had to LIFT and CARRY heavy band/sound/video equipment on and off a giant truck. We had to wrestle with giant "EZ shelters" of metal poles and zippers. We had to make a thousand stupid blinky lights with LEDs with sharp pointy wires and magnets so strong that I had to use MY TEETH to pry them apart. We had to listen to the same awful herrm band song over and over again. FOR FIFTEEN HOURS. OUTSIDE. WITH A WIND CHILL OF 20 DEGREES. Me and Tim were both bleeding by the end of the night. I think we had mild hypothermia. My feet were soaked. My fingers raw. Today my arms hurt so bad I almost fell off the bed coming down the ladder. I'm writing this and then we are pretending yesterday never happened. This is for posterity.
NOTE TO ASSHOLE DIRECTOR: While your sitting in your cushy Hollywood office, remember that JANUARY IN NEW YORK CITY is not the best time to shoot your music video ON A PIER.

Monday, January 12, 2009

christmas day kind of!

Today was such a day of gifts: hip hop bagel, new yoga mat, British macrame pattern, fake tie dye cardigan, HESPERIDES!!! Thanks Tim. Weekend update: work, work, work. I missed the big game but good thing right? 

Friday, January 9, 2009

art and or shopping

growing in leaps and bounds

My ambition knows no limits. But my limits know my limits. But back to diaries starting now: people clearly don't dance no more. then, moving backwards: sun saluting / partying / poodling / shar pei ing / hot toddying / stretching / borscht ing / napping / museum meeting-ing / sewing / sticker purchasing / recommending / studio ing / etc
Black cats are more laid back?
I'm being more resistant to California dreaming than I would expect especially considering all the possessions I keep considering. 
LOMIZYNIANKA you are so great!
Today I saw posters up on Manhattan Ave advertising the "Polski Monty Python". Aren't you intrigued?
Also: I have become quite the niche reader. Consider: "The man who mistook blah blah blah", "Born on a blue day", "The curious blah blah dog night time", now I want to read all of Oliver Sacks's other books & Temple Grandin's books too.  Also I watched that documentary about the girl who is obsessed with spoons and water faucets!  Too bad the guy that teaches the STRIPES class doesn't seem cool.  I want that class.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

internet art & doppelgangers, kind of

Mr. Freeze

News From The Studio.
out: pinatas
in: magic hands, rocks
New From The News.
Panda the miniature horse is a really good blind person guide animal; A bipolar psychotic carries a parrot in his backpack to calm him down when he starts going crazy; Israel STOP KILLING PEOPLE!!!!!
I also read this book in one sitting last night:
"The man who mistook his wife for a hat"
On TV right now: a Pricklopeel type law & order episode!
Also: UFO sighting in New Jersey????????

Sunday, January 4, 2009

anybody wanna buy me tickets?

Saturday, January 3, 2009


pasta batman

I got to work an hour late and then had the worst ever nightmare train ride home involving three subways, one bus, and three different swipe charges. The good thing is I was listening to This American Life all day and it was being really charming for some reason, the story about the angry santas union and the dog named Pasta Batman.  See my new years resolution is working already!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

no it's not barack obama on soul train

Today I worked on the poodle costume. I went home covered in foam bits and got lots of weird looks on the train. I also just realized today that podcasts are good for the commute. I am so behind (272 to listen to) so this is really a good discovery. Stewart I watched "the sweetest thing" and the best thing about it was that it came in this special double feature dvd with "the little black book" which was kind of really really amazing.  Total mind fuck! seriously