Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yesterday we ate Vietnamese food, accidently joined the lesbian march for one block, haircutted (I did the cutting, Dave did the sitting), played some cards (I intensely dislike competitive alpha type players), and watched the X Files movie which was basically like an episode of C2C. The best part was the gratuitous UFO scene at the end. Today I packed, took a nap, packed some more, went to Sarah & Victor's BBQ, packed, still packing. I have four large boxes of plants, is that too excessive?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

digipic vomit

I just sold my bike...

...and I feel this gaping hole of loss. Right after they took it away I had a momentary panic attack. But now I realize that I may have a slight attachment problem and that there a lot of great bikes out in the world. Oh Peugeot I loved you so!

Anyways here are some long overdue pictures of the pinata attack.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Furniture is such a drag.

Weekly recap:

Monday: I don't remember what I did whatsoever. Oh yeah, I worked on those accursed puppet costumes while listening to Radio Lab, which I've gotten heavily into since finishing the last of the old C2C MP3s.  Perhaps I should subscribe again. 

Tuesday: I worked in Oakland for Larry. I did finishing work on costumes, made a wig of hair for the witch puppet out of lavendar yarn, painted and covered in fur the head of an animatronic cat, etc. Oh yeah, I must have made vegan enchiladas on Monday because I remember coming home after work and being so tired I just started eating out of the giant casserole dish.

Wednesday: I had fun day plans with Stewart & Ryan that involved thrift stores and reverse bleach tie dye but they were foiled when Kelli woke me up with an 8am call for a last-minute stylist's assistant job at PBK. It was on location, for a Christmas shoot, and slightly stressful as they always are. Some things I did: gift wrapped tiny little fake boxes (cut from pieces of cardboard) to put in a felt tree shaped advent calendar, covered candles in red paper, painted some paper mache deer, glittering (the most awful part, it got EVERYWHERE). Then me and Aurora took the BART to the (OMG cringe) "Huffin House" where Dimples the band was playing. There were lots of peeps there and it was fun but it kind of felt like  a stage set for a movie about an impressionable young art school freshman at a "wild" "warehouse" "party" "show". Then I slept over at Ryans, oh, we watched Zardoz a bit first.

Thursday: I woke up late but still very tired and gave Stewart a hair wrap. We got big salads in Berkeley and walked around and purchased a lot of sci fi novels from a man on the street. We picked the best covers which included a dragon coming out of a cosmic egg & a robotic dolphin.
We went to the Asian mall which was SO disappointing, because we wanted those Korean fish ice cream things but everything was Chinese. Then we went to this other part of Berkeley to get frozen yogurt. The best part was that they had fake pink berry flavor. We "strolled" and stole succulents. Then we came back to SF and went to Jack's for karaoke. I sang:
Bohemian Rhapsody with Travis
Crazy in Love with Dave
It was so super fun! sexy crazy party! I danced a lot and drank two Salty Dogs which is a LOT for me. Afterwards we went to Mike's and played Ratscrew with some seriously secret alpha-type aggro competitive types, which took all the fun out of it. We also played Police Sketch Artist. The criminals were:
Kobe Bryant
Matthew Mc Conoghay
Rosie O Donnell
I went to bed past 3am (Ryan and Stewart kept talking, those irritants) and woke up again at 8 to move the car and I JUST COULD NOT GET TO SLEEP AGAIN so I got up, meanwhile Stewart is snoozing away in my bed. !!!!!!!!
Do people really just get away with little amounts of sleep, day after day? It really affects me, I mean it's given me headaches two days in a row.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

C2C Sepember 17, 2007 recap

a man died of exhaustion after playing internet games for three days,
jacques valle,
witches coming out of cloud ships = medieval alien encounter,
octopi or dolphins could have easily become the most dominant/intelligent species on earth,
remote viewing artificial structures on the moon,


Also, today I worked on witch puppet costume and made a fancy sandwich with two kinds of fake meat.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I forgot what summer was like.

Middle of the day showers, nights that feel like noon. 
I went to the eye doctor today and he scared me into a strictly regimented eyecare routine.  Sunglasses always outside, eyedrops four times a day, remove and wash contacts every night, I bought new glasses to wear sometimes to give my eyes a rest. OK!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Endless Summer part 1

I just got back from Petaluma. We went camping somewhere north of there with the Veit extended family etc. We went swimming in the Russian River and it was the best thing I've done this summer so far... so here's to upping the ante. There were rocks to jump off of, not super high but fun nontheless. We all learned how to dive. Also, we saw people tubing and they looked like a human sub-species so I'm glad we didn't do it. Also, there was this black girl with a giant wolf tattoo (frontal view) on her back and also Mickey Mouse shorts on so she was pretty much my hero of the day. I got an earache that almost ruined everything but it went away and we ate hot dogs and played police sketch artist, exquisite hippy corpse, "catchphrase", set, and other card games. It was super fun. Before we went camping me and Stewart watched lots of My So Called Life and ate Flaming Hot Funyons which are surprising delightful. If I am judgmental and mean I will get preggers so I am definitely curbing it these days.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

C2C Sepember 12, 2007 recap

BRUT cologne spontaneously ignited and burned a man's neck and chest.
A man assaulted a woman with a SWORD in an argument over a PUPPY.
All this in the first half hour of news!

C2C May 23, 2007 recap

talking ghost clown doll, orbs, PHANTIMALS.

Hi oops I forgot about you.

Hmm since Wednesday I went to an opening that was like a school reunion, didn't go to an opening I was supposed to (Communes bleh), had a picnic in the park with Eve and marinated tofu sandwiches, moved out of my studio with a wheely cart like an old Asian woman, made 16 pieces of children's art with Super 77, an almost offensively non child-like adhesive material, uuumm, didn't go to Game 4, finished a small flag for a traveling drawing show a la Emergency Biennial (how inspiringly unoriginal), went to two bars three times to visit two friends and their two boyfriend-slash-djs, oh and last week I had a karmic breakthrough where I realized that certain unwanted things would occur if I act judgmental and gossip-y.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Remember this movie Good Morning?

They go on a silent protest until they get a tv. 


YES we finally went to the beach!
eating! drinking! swimming! sunning! sanding! 
giant drippy castle making!
I love the beach.


We did the OUJI BOARD tonight at midnight.  Someone asked about her mother, who she's never met, and the Oui said "I KUT UP". !!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that so frightening?  Then we asked about the Ouji spirit, and it said "TSOP" which is STOP ! to a dyslexic person! ! So we stopped!  Then we got donut holes.  Earlier I worked on puppet costumes and organized my purses. Then I watched the Lakers game at Dave's house. Little Saint the cat was wearing a Lakers wristband around his neck, he looked so adorable.  Actually it was quite exciting.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hurray my scanner finally works!

Now, mindless scribbles can be memorialized foreves!
In other news, I put a banana muffin in the microwave and forgot about it until hoards of smoke started billowing out.  OOOPS!  My main question is, where did the smoke come from? (microwave + mostly solid muffin = ??)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Police Sketch Artist

FBI sketch of "D. B. Cooper", the unknown criminal who in 1971 hijaked a plane for $200,000 & jumped out of it with a parachute.
Info source: C2C, duh! 

More platonic solids

I've just been doing boring errand-y stuff. Yesterday I bought the fireworks glitter dress, made enchiladas, went to the library,  and checked out lots of Law & Order: Criminal Intent which I watched while making a paper pattern for the goblin puppet's hat. Today I did my laundry.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Last Night's Dream

The part I mostly remember was that I was playing improvised music on a synthesizer. I like it when you're active in dreams as opposed to just a viewer, moving through it.

I took nap just now

and now I feel groggy. Today we drove up to Petaluma to visit Stewart, stopping for thrift stores and in n out animal styles. Then we went to Bodega Bay to go swimming but it was so freezing at the beach. Still it was nice and our fun beach activity was to pick out tiny white and green pieces of rock. The sand was very rocky which means that it was a young beach. Then we got taffy. There was lots of driving but it was nice, for some reason it made me tired. Yesterday I went to see the eye doctor. Also random pieces of the gear shift on my bicycle started falling off. Then I had the flag making workshop with Travis and I made an "African Rave" flag. Travis made a dimensional cheeseburger flag. Afterwards I went to Dave's who was having a "kickback".

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Haunted House

Today I woke up remembering my dream which involved me being a "war nurse" - we were stuck on the deck of this building that was on fire and were about to be engulfed in flames yet somehow in that magic way the dream shifted. I went to Larry's house in Oakland to work on:
1. a black velvet backdrop for the new blacklite puppet number
2. giant pumpkin leaves

On the BART home there was this very SF-peculiar type of transsexual - the kind that is wearing barrettes in its bob haircut and has weird half breasts but otherwise just looks like a total butch man.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I try to be ruthlessly anti-nostalgic

but I just got seized with an incredible urge to hear "The Fruit That Ate Itself."


Practically in real time! I saw a midget today! Not the kind that you see on tv all the time, the squashy looking ones with big heads, but the kind that is just a small, small person!  He was Mexican!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kano 7" Art.

How can this be so brilliant? Also, "Ahjia" = "Asia"?

This is stupid yet amazing.

It's called "Communication Medium".

so comprehensive, no bells, no whistles

Bike Adventure

I rode my bike to Green Apple Books today and traded in some books for "25 Cats Name Sam... & Holy Cats by Andy Warhol's Mother".  Hooray!  A middle aged lady, veering towards gothicness, told me I had a strong aura and wouldn't I like a psychic reading.  The Richmond is ethnic in a far more interesting way than the Mission.  I  also window shopped a fish store and a plant store.  In two separate incidents I almost crashed into dogs off their leash. One was a small yappy looking white precious dog and the other a Golden Retreiver.  So I am right that those are two of the dumbest kinds of dogs.  Why would an animal swerve right into the path of a large, swiftly moving wheeled contraption?  Don't they have survival instincts?  

UPDATE: Sorry if that sounded mean, dogs.  ALSO: I bought Pocky at the Chinese Supermarket, then played with a cat named Monkey at the nursery.  How serendipitous!!!???!!!