Monday, December 21, 2009

LA coming soon: I'm getting excited.
keeping my fingers crossed for "positive" family time, dog time, sunshine time, food time (especially after this eternal German food purgatory) (I'm never eating "Thai prison food" again), and my favorite southland activity, plant thieving.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

short movie treatment

Oh yeah I had this dream in Poland: it's very cinematic.
: A young Christopher Walken/James Spader hybrid is riding a bike down a long corridor, towards the camera. He passes an old man whistling a song, something sentimental. As soon as the protagonist passes the old man, the old man opens a door on the side of the corridor and enters it, shutting the door quickly. At the same time, the whistling abruptly stops. The old man re-enters the scene. The camera switches to the opposite side, with the protagonist bicycling away. The old man shoots the protagonist in the back.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009


We got a rideshare from a man who looked like the Polish Bill Murray. He drove very aggresively; I think I had a thousand mini heart attacks on the road not to mention lots of inadvertant flinching. He did however get us to Krakow in five hours. I forgot my passport, oops! Open borders EU etc good thing.
It snowed the entire time. I did a lot of wandering. There was a church with really nice wallpaper or whatnot, and a fake shroud of turin. Also I ate really good pierogi, saw lots of animal costume pagan ritual type ethnology stuffs, and papercraft, and a castle, and a dragon breathing fire. Oh yeah and Auschwitz. Nothing to be said about the subject except afterwards I couldn't look anyone in the eye. Being there felt like punishment that I couldn't complain about since at least I wasn't about to be gassed.

Friday, December 11, 2009


final confirmation ... I left my purple uniqlo wool cardigan in Belgium somewhere. LAME!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

This Just Happened



midnight star midas touch boards of canada remix, laugenbrotchen

Monday, December 7, 2009

oy I fell off the diary wagon. uuhh..
I had my opening: IMAGE FICTION. It went pretty much exactly as I planned!! Except the part where my dress caught on fire!! Can you imagine!! Even the German police decided to swing by for shits and giggles!! It was super fun and against all expectations the Germans sang, I sang, even my friends who I really did not expect to sing, sang!! At one point the 20 year old German decided to sing "The Passenger" and could only find a karaoke performance on youtube, which he played, because you could kind of see the screen at the bar where the words were, this description really blows, but it was really meta, you had to be there...
Now I really want a mixer/PA/digital projector. wants wants wants. The xmas season is impossible to bypass. like literally too. hoards and hoards in the center. Hecka "gluhwein" gingerbread etc etc. seriously bringing out some Grinch styles rage in me. I did see a giant brown glass mushroom tree ornament that impressed me though.
My cousin from Budapest visited me. She introduced me to the Japanese law & order meets x-files: "Galileo". I like it. I really wanted her visit to be an excuse to go to the Korean restaurant "KIM" but turns out she doesn't like getting Korean. GO FIGURE
Planning Poland for this weekend.
um what else: oh yeah White Men Can't Jump SUCKED!
Ingmar Bergman Trollflotjen was TIGHT! (kind of)
what other movies did I see... did I mention Tropic Thunder was kind of amazing?