Sunday, November 30, 2008

savants r us

I am working on the special guest-edited issue of the Tim N Liz. Greenpoint xerox machines are frustrating.. but it's gonna be awesome. Also, I'd like to officially ask the universe for the possibly-life-changing Isabel Marant dress, now on "sale" ($600 from $800). We re-arranged our living room and hopefully it will change my brain. Liz saw this tv bit about a 13 year old musical savant and thinks it's Darby Crash reincarnated. Thank You Life.

Friday, November 28, 2008

thanks over

No Parents Allowed!
the good: shopping, toddler, pumpkin pie, green beans
the bad: discomfort, repressive conversation
the ugly: violations of privacy

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm Just Not That Into You: white girl bands who have dank long hair, are into mysticism/"native" shit, & can't really play their instruments. 
Also: birthday cake is overrated.
And: the best gifts are the ones made of paper.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The NY Times says happy people don't spend a lot of time watching television.

Why are so many bats dying?

celeb sighting

So (maybe) Morgan Freeman was at the Klaus opening last night! 
Also, Cassandra used to be Gina Gershon's personal assistant!
Also, we met Peter's Icelandic Fake Peter!
w w e e i i r r d d   w w i i d d e e   w w o o r r l l d d 
("there's something wrong with the world today... I don't know what it is")

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tim claims that eating pizza makes you thirsty for the rest of the day

I'm such a Melanie Griffith Working Girl, I have two jobs now all of a sudden. The best parts are: decent pay, Bucket the pittbull, quick bike commute. The worst parts are: working.
Today is Hal's birthday but he didn't want to celebrate. I don't understand people like that. Remember! 30 is the new 10.
I missed the first day of Jeopardy Teen Tournament Final Championship Two-Day Special. I will not be able to watch tomorrow either, I am so bummed. I've been watching the entire week!
Oh well J K Livin.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh also here is the weekend update:

I think I will just stop going out in general, it's so much work and so little payoff. My new thing is to go to other people's places, which I neeever used to do, so lazy, to see what other people have living-wise, compared to me. I went to 3 different apts and they confirmed solidly that Bushwick is for people who want to pay way too much for way too little. Except for Ryan & David, obviously. Also on the agenda: Jasiu's Kubricked out art show (private/voyeuristic/boring), New Humans (crowded/pretentious/chatty), Chinatown divey almost rave thing (I'm SO OVER IT! seriously these types of things are NOT WORTH IT EVER), Bed-Stuy loft party (we stayed for five minutes, literally). The funnest part of going out is hanging out with your friends, the ones you already know.

The latest gossip from Frankfurt:

Some artist that is Cosima von Bonin's favorite is on the cover of Texte zur Kunst or whatever however you spell it. He doesn't look that attractive (he's got red hair) but apparently his art is all about like being a former male model. Also supposedly the photo of CVB in "Woman Artists" is super fakey style because just because, it was asked around and stuff.

Seriously that five year diary thing is quite clever but the entries are so little I feel like my sentences can't fit. Stop waffling this is so much easier all around and less carpal tunnel.

I never really tried thrift store shopping in NYC

but it's actually quite fulfilling. You just have to quit thinking about large, sprawling, Savers/Thrift Town/Unique style stores. I did a Gramercy/Chelsea run and it was good: woolly huge shawl thing to go over my winter coat, fox fur, ski hood, sequined old lady style "fancy dress", pinstripe cotton oversize tote that I think is the exact same one Liz uses on her weekend trips, a paperback copy of Aunt Julia & the Scriptwriter.  To round out my shopping spree: Ritter sport, $1 basil (for Thai eggplant), and a large grapefruit. Oh yeah and a Thanksgiving appropriate dress kind of on the more than affordable side. Oh and they had Martin Margiela at Housing Works.

Monday, November 10, 2008


I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


God I'm such a quitter.

Not only am I such a quitter, but each pathetically spread-out post that I write is just me revelling in the guilt of how I don't post enough. So I am going to stop doing that.
So anyways, it's November and Halloween was spent in spooky PA with strange blue lights in the night sky, haunted hay ride with "special" people, an eleventh hour veggie oil party bus, fires, witch snowman (freak snowstorm! in late October!) etc. Whut else...........oh yeah, we were in GERMANY for like ever.  I am trying to make "drawings" in my studio, thank god I didn't find a subletter, and I am trying to find some more stable work, and oh yeah there's gonna be a black man in the white house.  Hooray for radical shifts. Even though everything feels so uncertain, like carpets keep being pulled from under us, like over and over again, at least it is dramatic. Yeah.
So I feel like I can't go home for Christmas because plane tickets are too expensive. I am thinking about how to make a cloak, or how to get my clock from LA, and how to get a real job, and how I just got accepted to this residency in a small town in East Germany in a flower shop or something, and it's next winter...  I don't know if I can do it!